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What Highly Inuitive People Do Differently






The mysterious power of intuition is explored through a US Navy program aiming to enhance soldiers' intuitive abilities. Highly intuitive individuals distinguish themselves by practicing mindfulness, which clears mental fog and boosts self-awareness, enabling them to effectively harness their inner voice without needing logical justifications.


According to Google Dictionary, intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. In other words, it's the gut feeling people are accustomed to experiencing that influences their actions. That doesn't require logic. Ever since the age of Enlightenment, people are prone to dismiss ideas without some sort of scientific research to support them.

Although science has opened the world to a plethora of possibilities, conveniences, and truths, ultimately it still serves as only one type of perspective within the big picture. Intuition has been given a bad rep. For being too otherworldly due to its psychic inclination. However, the mysterious power of intuition is still undeniably beneficial that the US Navy began a program in 2012 to investigate how members of the military can be trained to use their sixth cents to help them during combat and other missions.

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