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What Is Consciousness?


Donald Hoffman and Lex Fridman




Delve into the enigmatic realm of consciousness with this compelling exploration. From the ancient ponderings of philosophers to cutting-edge neuroscience, this book navigates the intricate landscape of our awareness. What defines consciousness? Is it merely a product of our brains, or does it transcend physicality? As science and philosophy converge, join the journey to unravel the mystery of our most intimate experience.


What is it? What's the role of consciousness in? Let's say, even just the thing we've been talking about, which is the formation of this interface? With any kind of ways you want to kind of start Sure, tracking and talking about it.

Well, let me say first what most of my colleagues say. 99% are again, assuming that space time is fundamental. Particles and space, time matters fundamental. And most are reductionist. And so the standard approach to consciousness is to figure out what complicated systems of matter with the right functional properties could possibly lead to the emergence of consciousness? That's the general idea, right?

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