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What is Social Neuroscience?


Stephanie White




Dive into the fascinating intersection of social behavior and brain science! "What is Social Neuroscience?" explores how our brains influence our interactions, emotions, and relationships. This engaging overview reveals the neural mechanisms behind social cognition, empathy, and group dynamics, offering insights into how biology shapes our social experiences. Perfect for students and curious minds alike, this book illuminates the complexities of human connection through the lens of neuroscience, paving the way for a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.


The human species is an incredibly social one. throughout our entire evolution, we've been surrounded by other people, family and friends, to tribes, we were a part of grew into communities and civilizations. And throughout all of that evolution, our brain is had to devise

and create mechanisms to keep track of the social structures, and the relationships that are important to us. Now, social neuroscience is a new and exciting field, because it's combining two disciplines, you have social psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Social Psychology has formally been around since about the 1940s. So almost 100 years of work that scientists have been doing, to try to understand how our thoughts and our feelings and behaviors are influenced by the people around us. But cognitive neuroscience is a very new field. Because it was only recently in the past 2030 years, that we've started to create the tools and the technology that allows us to peer inside your brain and really see what regions and mechanisms are involved with making sense of all of these social type thought processes.

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