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Where Is Now in The Brain - The Neuroscience of Time


Sense of Mind




Time is a limited resource and, in some ways, it’s our only resource in life. But what is time and why does it seem to flow at the rate it does? Why is it that our subjective sense of time can change so dramatically depending on the situation and our state of mind? How does the brain measure and experience time?


We all know what time is intuitively right? We kind of think about time as the passage of something, right? But it's hard to even wrap your mind around. What is that something? What it what does it even mean to talk about the flow of time? Or, you know, our perception? And why does that perception seem to change during different times, right? You can see I'm using this word time in so many different senses. But we can all intuitively understand what I mean by by each version of it. But in this episode, we're going to be talking about a bunch of different strange things about time and the brain and our illusions that arise about time. Just the perception of time itself, the way that the brain calculates measures keeps track of time. And it's just this is kind of a mind blowing subject, in my opinion. So I'm excited to get into it. Welcome tothe social brain. I'm Andrew.

But I'm Taylor. And this is a show where we dive into how the brain works. If you've ever wondered what's going on inside your mind, even the things that you're not even aware of, then this is the place where we can unpack that and really explore it.

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