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Whole Body Intelligence


Steve Sisgold




Learn how your body can help enhance your overall emotional and social intelligence. Executive coach Steve Sisgold knows that the body--not the mind--is the most reliable and effective pathway to realizing your innermost desires and achieving success. His unique, body-centric approach will show you how to get out of your head and take charge of every area of your life with increased awareness, clarity, and confidence.


So welcome everyone. I'm, uh, very excited that we have Steve Cisco here. Today is a new book, uh, whole Body Intelligence. Get out of your head and into your body to achieve greater wisdom, confidence, and success. I actually wanted to read one of the, um, uh, reviews of the book, uh, is actually from our very own Rachel O'Mara who set this talk up as one of our GPOs volunteers.

Um, what Rachel says is, this is the intelligence everyone. Whole body intelligence will help you navigate life more easily. It helps me understand unconscious messages. My body cues tell me and transforms negative beliefs I carry into positive ones all by using the intelligence of my own body. Rachel Orr, sales manager at Google, I'm really looking forward to this talk and I like to turn this over to Steve Cisco.

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