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Why Mindfulness Is Big Business


Daniel Garrahan




Mindfulness, feeling present in your own body, has roots in Buddhism but is increasingly popular in the west. Corporate mindfulness is growing and you don't even have to put down your smartphone to try mindfulness meditation.


Gongs. Draw their breath in, exhale. With meditation. Smartphone apps gently close the eyes, or even organic dance. Mindfulness comes in all shapes and sizes.

Counting the breath on the exhale from one. It's the psychological process of feeling presence in your own body. By paying attention to the moments, your thoughts, feelings and the environment around you. It's argued that stress anxiety and depression can be managed. Half of work absences last year in the UK were due to stress or mental health. And companies are starting to take wellbeing seriously. It's no longer unusual for businesses to offer mindfulness meditation classes designed to reduce workers stress while increasing productivity.

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