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Why We Have the Illusion of Self


Michael Taft




Michael Taft, a long-term meditation teacher, author, and founder of Deconstructing Yourself blog and podcast, discusses the stages of personal development and awakening path, deconstructing reality, and benefits of meditation practice.


There's several overarching delusions, but they come down to, um, very important survival mechanisms for. Beings, let's say beings, probably humans, uh, certainly humans, but probably also at least higher mammals and so on have, I suspect, have very similar delusions since we evolved directly from them. Um, so when I say delusion, normally, uh, people are gonna think immediately, well, that's a bad thing.

Uh, we don't wanna be diluted, we wanna be awakened. But of course, these particular delusions could be very broadly packed under the label. Of, uh, biases, cognitive biases. It's in the way, in the same way that we evolve to have negativity bias for really important ecological, environmental, uh, evolutionary reasons, right?

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