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Your Fear Is Reinforcing Itself


Mark Divine




In this presentation, Mark Divine explains the loop of thoughts and emotions triggered by daily events. He highlights the role of the amygdala in processing triggers and activating the fight-or-flight response. Thoughts and emotions reinforce each other, but mindfulness techniques can help create a gap between them, allowing for more controlled and less reactive responses.


This is how our minds are conditioned to work. Okay. I'll walk through the loop and, and you'll see why this is the truth. So we are going through our typical day and we have things that trigger, we'll call these trigger events, things that trigger us. It could be, you know, walk into the office and your boss hit you up with, Hey, where's that proposal?

Or Did you get my email this morning? And you're like, well, you know, I haven't checked my email. That triggers something. It triggers either a mental process or an emotional reaction. Now it's important for me to establish that that thoughts and emotions are two sides of the same coin. A thought is a stored or an emotion is a stored a thought that's stored in the body, right?

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