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Zen Buddhism's Secret Tool


School of Life




For Zen Buddhists, fireflies are not just a quirk of nature — they’re the perfect metaphor for the bitter-sweet brevity of life.


One of nature's otter creatures is the Firefly, a soft bodied beetle that emits a warm yellow glow from its lower abdomen, typically at twilight in order to attract mates or prey. Though relatively rare in Europe and North America, the Firefly is a common sight in Japan, where it is known as the Hotaru Hotaru. 's are at their most plentiful in June and July, and can be seen in groups around rivers and lakes.

The glittering light of the Hotaru is deemed to be so enchanting. The Japanese hold Firefly festivals or hotel room at Surrey to watch their dance. Something even odder has happened to the Firefly in Japan, it has become philosophical, Zen Buddhist poets and philosophers.

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