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Let’s clear away the toxic stress in the workplace, and give our people the mental strength, cognitive performance, social and emotional intelligence to thrive.

Science-Based Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a neural process that produces a state of calm, alert awareness and strengthens brain circuits associated with attentional, emotional and behavioral control. These outcomes can be transformational for our wellbeing, cognitive performance, emotional intelligence, and other relationship and work-based competencies.

Toxicity in the Workplace

The NIH have determined that chronic stress is the single greatest contributor to the principal causes of premature death, and that its primary source is the workplace - where we've experienced decades of year-over-year increases in information overload, attention deficit trait, digital addiction, unconscious bias, interpersonal conflict, exhaustion and burnout.

About IOM

IOM is a non-profit association of scientists, educators, human capital and operating professionals, with a shared mission to bring mindfulness neural training into the mainstream — to develop more effective leaders, a healthier, happier, higher performing workforce, and a safer, more inclusive, more productive workplace.

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This Needs Fixing

Even before the Coronavirus and an economic crisis sent fear and uncertainty through the roof — 81% of people reported moderate to serious daily stress  — 68% felt overworked or overwhelmed — 57% felt stress all or most of the time — Today, 40 million are on medications for anxiety disorder or depression — 23% report being extremely exhausted or burned out — 70 million have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder — 76% say work stress is harming their personal relationships — 85% of employees are dealing with conflict at work — 98% of people have recently experienced rudeness at work — 49% are regularly angry at work — 29% have yelled at a co-worker — 35% have taken their frustration out on a customer — 79% of people leave their jobs as a result of their manager — 65% would choose a new manager over a pay raise — 68% of people self-report as "not engaged" — 77% of workplace accidents are a result of stress-induced issues...

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Lever-up your own wellbeing, performance and productivity, and bring that positivity to your
team and organization. Let’s help ourselves, so we can help the people around us.
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Network with forward-thinking members from the most progressive, market-leading organizations on earth. IOM is a big tent of stakeholders from business, education and government.

Certificate Courses

Mindfulness is science-proven neural training that improves wellbeing, cognitive performance and emotional intelligence - and so, individual and organizational performance

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is the original and gold-standard science-based mindfulness course for individual
health and wellbeing. This 8-week intensive course was created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMASS Medical Center - and is taught live online by our certified MBSR instructors.

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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership is being taught at the world’s top global business schools, including
Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, the London School of Economics and INSEAD - and is fast
becoming a core requirement for leadership development programs worldwide.

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Mindful Wellbeing and Performance

Help your people become healthier, happier, higher-performing and more productive.
Mindful Wellbeing and Performance teaches the science and essential practices for reducing stress, anxiety, distraction, unconscious bias, conflict and burnout.

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Mindful Strategic Human Resources

Mindfulness is an important new competency for HR professionals - and a paradigm-
shifting solution to many of HR’s most intractable challenges, including healthcare costs, 
absenteeism, engagement and retention, inclusion and workplace safety.

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Mindful Sales and Customer Service

Mindfulness strengthens the most important mental, emotional and relationship-building
skills for high performing sales and brilliant service - by empowering the positivity, focus,
empathy and rapport that closes sales and delights customers.

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Mindful Workplace Facilitator

You don’t need to be a certified meditation teacher to implement mindfulness in the
workplace. But you do need to bring the most current science, and be able to connect
mindfulness practices to individual, team and organizational performance.

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Upcoming Courses

  • Mindful Sales and Customer Service
    Earn Your IOM-MSCS Certification
    Apr 20, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Earn Your IOM-MSCS Certification
    Mindful Sales and Customer Service certifies the science-based mindfulness skills that build trust, create relationships, close sales and delight customers. The course includes a live master class, followed by an 8-week program of assessment, self-study, daily practices, and unlimited coaching.
  • Mindful Wellbeing and Performance
    Earn Your IOM-MWP Certification
    Apr 21, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Earn Your IOM-MWP Certification
    Mindful Wellbeing and Performance certifies your skill to apply science-based mindfulness to reduce stress, anxiety, distraction, bias, and conflict at work - while strengthening your health and wellbeing, sharpening attention and cognitive performance, and cultivating emotional intelligence.
  • Mindful Leadership
    Earn Your IOM-ML Certification
    Apr 22, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Earn Your IOM-ML Certification
    Mindful Leadership certifies the most important science-based mindfulness skills for supervisors, managers, and executive leaders. Learn the elite performance practices adopted by the US Olympics teams and Navy Seals, and mindful leadership principles taught at the world's leading business schools.
  • Mindful Workplace Facilitator
    Earn Your IOM-MWF Certification
    May 26, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Earn Your IOM-MWF Certification
    IOM Mindful Workplace Facilitator Certification provides the most current science, an understanding of how mindfulness is applied to transform behavior and performance, and the practical skills to create an effective program for your team or organization.
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