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How prepared are our managers to care for themselves, and to help their people navigate the emotional turmoil of this sudden and scary crisis? 

The CDC, World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health all agree that mindfulness is one of the most effective ways we can manage overwhelming fear and anxiety about our families, finances and our futures. 

Let’s provide our leaders with the mental strength, resilience, and emotional skills to cope - and to effectively help others through this volatility and change

Effective immediately, we've cut all our public training fees by 3/4s. That means $95 for individuals, $75 for teams up to 9, and only $50 pp for teams of 10 or more.


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We'll hold this pricing through March -  and will extend it to dedicated trainings (for 10 or more) scheduled at your convenience. If you'd like to purchase a block of seats, good through the balance of 2020, please contact us here!

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Brilliant customer service is a reflection of each person, at each opportunity and in each action. 


Bring joy, purpose and personal power to the art of customer service, for you and your team. Transform the service role in your organization from something to "get through", to a powerful medium for development, personal growth, and self-understanding.


Mindfulness is a living laboratory for off-the-charts customer service — Learn to thrive personally and professionally with Stefan Ravalli’s Serve Conscious podcast.

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About IOM

The Institute for Organizational Mindfulness (IOM) is a non-profit membership association of human capital, talent, learning and leadership development executives, along with experts in neuroscience, psychology, wellness and wisdom practices.

Our shared mission is to bring mindfulness into the mainstream of business, education and healthcare

— to develop more effective leaders, and to create a healthier, higher performing, and more productive workforce. 

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Why Mindfulness Matters

“At the heart of our most intractable business challenges, we find people problems: chronic stress and burnout, distraction, interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making, and more.


Managers waste massive amounts of money, time, energy, and resources trying to fix these challenges, but the true costs are much greater, and much more troubling.” 


Menon, Thompson, 2016 




Original and curated research, case studies and profiles, pulse surveys and partnered studies.

2020 State of Mindful Leadership

Help advance our understanding of science-based mindfulness and its real-world impact on leadership effectiveness

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