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The Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness

The Global Association for All-Science Mindfulness

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IOSM is a non-profit membership association of human capital and operating leaders, educators, and coaches. Our programs include member research, education, information, communities, and a curriculum of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) that drive individual and organizational performance.

Why Now?

We’ve been sleepwalking into a mental health crisis for decades, as workplace stress, anxiety disorder, attention deficit, toxic management, interpersonal conflict, exhaustion, and burnout have steadily increased year-over-year. Today’s massive turnover and record disengagement, the highest levels of anxiety and depression on record, and productivity falling at the fastest rate since 1983, are signals of enormous distress in the workforce. It’s clearly time to adopt better strategies and different tools for turning this around. 

Why Mindfulness?

Neuroscience has determined that what we think about, and how we think about it, can physically change the brain - and that mindfulness is a series of mental and emotional skills that produce remarkably positive outcomes in human wellbeing, cognitive performance, and emotional intelligence. These outcomes, in turn, can be applied to develop more effective leaders, a healthier, higher-performing workforce, and a safer, more inclusive, and more productive workplace. 

New for Members

Join the Movement
Join this next generation of the modern mindfulness movement, and help us cross the chasm between the proven effectiveness of neural training and its practical application in education and the workplace.

Cutting-Edge Research

Access the most current insights in neuroscience, biology, and psychology, cross-indexed to leadership, and organizational development.

Education and Certification 

Learn all-science brain management through live and self-paced courses, certification programs, unlimited coaching, and daily practice options

A Global Community

Tap into the collective intelligence of a worldwide learning network, create new connections, and share your knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Learning Events

Attend educational webcasts, podcasts, and workshops on the nature, science, practice, and application of mindfulness for performance

Best-and-Next Practices 

Explore challenges, success stories, and lessons learned - what works and what doesn't and the most exciting new ideas from the front lines.

Your Personal Brand

Take advantage of opportunities to contribute, collaborate, and be recognized as a leader in advancing the practice of organizational mindfulness

Our Members Are Saying

“Organizational Mindfulness breaks the huge topic of mindfulness (both personal and in organizations) into practical and actionable lessons and steps, with great coaching support and daily reminders to practice. The weekly classes are outstanding, and offer plenty of time for discussion as well as practice. I highly recommend this course both for beginners and those more experienced with mindfulness, especially those interested in integrating it into their workplace.”

Susan Hardwick-Smith LI profile picture.jpeg

Susan Hardwick-Smith

Founding Partner at Complete Midlife Wellness Center

"Organizational Mindfulness methodologies, as structured through the Institute of Organizational Science and Mindfulness, are helpful for advancing individual as well as organizational development. The science-anchored method of training in the practices presents a western approach to which many will gravitate and feel comfortable. The instructional team demonstrated depth of knowledge for the content, as well as exhibited both compassion for learners and passion for the subject.  I found the experience to be helpful as a curricular example.  Importantly, the Institute as a center for continued archiving and advancement of the approach will be of tremendous value going forward."

RT Good - Linkedin Photo.jpeg

RT Good

Ed.D, Dean & Professor, College of Business and Management, Lynn University 

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Network with forward-focused members from the most progressive, market-leading organizations on earth. IOSM is a big tent of stakeholders from business, education and government.
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"Mindfulness is neither mysterious nor mystical, but rather can be reliably and validly measured, linked to an array of individual and organizational outcomes, and induced through meditative and non-meditative practices and processes, at the individual and collective levels”


Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt Universities, 2018

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