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Noticing and Observing

Dr. Daniel Farrant | 5:35


Noticing and observing make sure you're somewhere where you're not going to be interrupted for the next five minutes be aware of your posture and remember to bring good mindful attitudes to this practice.

 Being patient not judging anything that happens or noticing if we do judge it letting things come and go Now bring your attention to your breathing Breathing in breathing out relaxing our shoulders, chest and belly and if the mind wanders, just notice where and bring the attention back to breathing now choose one of the eight different focal points choose something or things to look at, or sounds or touch Smell Taste will choose to notice your thoughts or your feelings emotions or physical sensations inside your body. 

And now really try to observe that curiously as you've never noticed this beforeif you've chosen sight really try to pay attention to what you're looking at the colors the shapes, the textures if you've chosen sound, really pay attention to the dynamics of what you can hear if you've chosen thoughts by simply observing what your mind is doing feelings emotions simply just observing what's going on for you not judging it accepting things as they are. And similarly with physical sensations inside the body. 

Notice is it dull or sharp, strong or subtle and when your mind wanders again simply just notice where it's come back to that point of attention to noticing to observing keep breathing this is a real practice of the attitude of beginner's mind approaching anything we experience as though it's for the first time and when you're ready if your eyes were close, slowly opening them starting to notice other things, sights, sounds, textures and well done. Congratulations on doing this practice.

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