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Organizational Mindfulness

Organizational Mindfulness
Public, Enterprise & Train-the-Trainer

An Entirely New Category

Organizational Mindfulness is an entirely new category of modern practice. Just as MBSR was created as a therapeutic intervention for pain and stress management - and MBCT as a course for psychologists treating patients with cognitive behavioral therapy - Organizational Mindfulness is created intentionally for implementation within the modern business, education and government organization. 

The Science & Lessons Learned

Organizational Mindfulness is designed to create more effective leaders, a healthier, happier and higher-performing workforce, and a safer, more inclusive, more productive workplace. The curriculum is rigorously secular, scientifically validated and performance-focused. It incorporates the most current research in neuroscience, biology and psychology, with management and organizational sciences, and lessons-learned by early-adopting corporate programs over the past decade. 

Beyond Stress
to Performance

The benefits of mindfulness go beyond stress management, to produce remarkably positive outcomes in human wellbeing, cognitive performance and emotional intelligence. These outcomes can be applied to strengthen mental and emotional skills that improve personal and organizational performance.


Today’s therapeutic mindfulness is a powerful intervention for treating stress, and so we’ve incorporated science-based concepts from both MBSR and MBCT - but Organizational Mindfulness goes beyond, to the practical application of mindfulness for greater performance and productivity.

Program Options

The Organizational Mindfulness (OM) Program includes three independent but interlocking courses:

OM Certificate course is for individuals and teams, with no pre-requisites.

OM Facilitator certification requires completion of the OM Certificate.

OM Teacher Certification and Licensing is for graduates of OM Certificate and Facilitator.


The courses are offered in sequence as a Public Training. Go here for dates and registration.

The program offers a Train-the-Trainer solution, along with a turnkey curriculum, materials, and support for in-house mindfulness programs. Go here for more information

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Organizational Mindfulness Certificate

An intensive course for individuals and teams, that introduces the principles and practices of mindfulness through an all-science, performance-focused lens. 

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Organizational Mindfulness Facilitator 

A certification course for graduates of Organizational Mindfulness, that trains facilitation skills for organizing and leading mindfulness programs for teams and organizations

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Organizational Mindfulness Teacher

A certification course for graduates of Organizational Mindfulness Facilitator, that trains and licenses participants to teach the branded Organizational Mindfulness curriculum.

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Organizational Mindfulness Strategist

A certification course for experienced facilitators, teachers, trainers and coaches, with the most current science, business strategy, and best practices for developing mindfulness programs in the enterprise

Confident Businesswoman

“Fear-based, top-down hierarchies inhibit creativity and innovation, whereas attuned, empathic, and spacious environments catalyze human capacity. The incorporation of mindfulness into a professional culture evolves a richer and more creative state, where one's “work” arises from a state of being rather than reactive doing.”


Shapiro, Wang, Peltason, Cambridge University Press

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