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Creativity + Grit + Growth Mindset = Science


Sophia Swartz




Sophia Swartz is passionate about creating a direct interface between teens, science, and political activism through her work with the National March for Science as a speaker, teen organizer, and science blogger. She has won recognition from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the MIT THINK Scholars Program, the Pennsylvania BioGENEius Competition, Monsanto Company, Wolfram Mathematica, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Science.


Today I'm going to be talking about science and stereotypes.

And to start off, I have a question for you who is a scientist? . Now, when I ask this question, a common figure normally comes to mind, who looks a lot like this?

Now, if these figures are looking familiar, then you are not alone. A lot of kids would agree with you. In 2000 researchers at Firme Lab, a particle physics laboratory in Illinois asked seventh graders, what is your perception of this ubiquitous nerd over. What they found was that if you ask seventh graders to draw their response to who is a scientist, they will draw an old white guy who plays with chemicals indoors by himself.

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