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Deviate: Perception and the Brain


Dr. Beau Lotto




World-renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and two-time TED speaker Beau Lotto draws on over two decades of research to reveal startling truths about the brain and how it perceives the world.


So welcome everyone to this Talks at Google event. We're here with Beau lotto, who's going to be talking about his new book deviate. So Bose, he's a world renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and also a two time TED Talk speaker. And in this book deviate, he's drawn from over two decades of two decades of research to reveal startling truths about how we perceive the world and how our brain perceives the world. So without further ado, I'm going to leave it to bow already. 

Everything begins with perception. So to understand perception is really to understand not just how the brain works, which is what I'm interested in, of course, but what it is to be human. And if you really want to get people to see differently, we have to understand the principles by how we see in the first place. Right? So a key question to perception then, which we've all been thinking about, in fact, we've been thinking about for 1000s of years is, do we see reality?

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