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Logistics of Leading a Meditation Class


Sura Flow




Join Sarah from Sura Flow as she shares invaluable insights on leading a meditation class. Explore the importance of setting a conducive time and space for your sessions, crafting a meaningful class name, and aligning your teaching with your passion and community. Transform lives while nurturing your own growth as a facilitator.


Hello and welcome.

My name is Sarah. I'm a meditation coach and trainer, founder OFS Flow today. So excited to share with you how to lead a meditation class. Today's talk will include actual logistics of how to lead a meditation class. I think people get a little hung up on the ambiguity of all that needs to happen, and perhaps meditation has touched you in a really powerful way, transformed or changed your life, so you feel.

Called to share this amazing practice with other people. And I think teaching meditation is such an honorable, um, experience. It's really a privilege and it is so joyful. It's transformative every time you lead a class. You are transformed also a little bit as a facilitator, a teacher, a leader, and this way of coming together to collectively.

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