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Working With Mindfulness


Potential Project




Potential Project's presentation on working with mindfulness addresses the pressures of modern work life, such as constant connectivity and information overload. They critique the concept of multitasking, presenting mindfulness as a more effective alternative. By integrating mindfulness practices into daily work routines, individuals can achieve greater focus, productivity, and stress management.


So welcome to this session on working with mindfulness.

What we're going to cover over the next 1520 minutes, is how you can utilize what you have learned through your daily mindfulness training, how you can utilize that in your daily work as to be more effective, more productive, and less stressed.

First of all, we're going to look at some of the characteristics of modern work life and how that has changed over the last few decades. We're also going to briefly look at what is the brain's response to that. And we're going to talk about the highly esteemed concept of multitasking, we're going to make a little test on that, and actually look at how that just is not the best way of working.

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