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MindfulText Microlearning 

Simple. Interactive. Daily.

Opt-in for members-only access to a unique and powerful program of text-based mindfulness training, coaching and practice.

Engaging Messages


Integrate mindfulness into your flow of work, with a 365-day program of scientifically validated text-based learning. The messages are on-point and engaging - and our reports show a 95% click and read ratio.


With just a few minutes each day, you’ll learn important mindfulness principles and practices, with techniques and tools that are backed by science.


Effective Results

Research studies with Nova Southeastern University have proven that the Mindful Text program will significantly reduce stress, mind-wandering and Covid-related anxieties. 92% of people that subscribe to Mindful Text continue to opt-in, and 85% engage with texts each week.

100% Secular and Science Based 

MindfulText content is rooted in science. Sources from neuroscience, biology and psychology are shared weekly, and each recommended practice is supported by journaled, peer-reviewed studies. 

Start Now
Start Now

Mindfulness Built to Scale

MindfulText works with organizations to create engaging experiences that are designed to scale. They are a great company, a great friend to IOSM - and we really appreciate their partnership in providing this important solution for our members. Learn more about MindfulText here

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“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it”


Sharon Salzberg

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