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Embracing Uncertainty


Joshua Bailey




If our brains interpret uncertainty as a threat, why do we still crave significance, meaning, purpose and to change the world when there are no guarantees? When the issues are as complex as those involved in the persistence of human trafficking and slavery, Joshua Bailey shares the greatest threat we face when trying to make change.


I may not be the first person you want to invite to your next party, but let me explain. So oftentimes when you meet somebody new at a party, you say, you know, so what's your name, your favorite color, your favorite food, right? That's what you do. But then inevitably the question comes up, so what do you do for a living?

And when I get asked that question, I'm, I realize I'm about to lower the bu. Because I usually respond with, well, I actually lead an organization that deals with issues of human trafficking and slavery right here in Richmond. You can imagine after that, the mood gets a little more somber as questions about sex trafficking, forced labor violence and torture, and just how big of an issue that is here.

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