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How to Teach Meditation to Beginners


John Richards




On this video I will show you how to teach meditation to beginners. Meditation is so important for your emotional life. Keep it simple weather you are a beginner or somebody that has been meditating for years.


Hi, my name is John Richard John this video because you, you just keyed in how to teach meditation to beginners. Great question. Meditation is so important to me, I've been doing it for over three or four years now, totally changed my life.

One of the things for me, I was always anxious and excited. And you know, my days, were making me anxious about everything. And I was worried about stuff all the time. And somebody once told me says, you know, you ought to meditate, have you ever meditated, and I hadn't. And one of the things when you teach meditation to beginners, is to keep it extremely simple. It's not really hard to meditate, you know.

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