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Indulge Your Neurobiology


Dr. Sarah Mckay




What can we learn about our brains if we choose to respect and indulge in our neurobiology? Sarah talks about what happened when she left academic research behind and began to run experiments with her brain at home.


Thank you. Well, as Ed mentioned, I used to be a neuroscientist When I was training doing this, I lost respect for my own neurobiology. And what do I mean by that? When I was training, I spent, I slept only every second night and I spent all of my waking hours in a completely dark room. I was researching neuroplasticity, how the brain wise up during development and how these connections change over time with light and dark.

Now, I'm sure you can all appreciate the impact of lack of sleep on your health and wellbeing, and. I was tired. I felt flat. I felt like I'd lost my curiosity and my zest for life, and I felt quite out of control emotionally. I also made mistakes. One day I was so tired, I dropped and smashed a full glass bottle of concentrated hydrochloric acid all over the floor of the lab.

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