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Keynote With Rasmus Hougaard


Rasmus Hougaard




Rasmus Hougaard's keynote offers a timely exploration of mindfulness in the face of rapid change and increasing demands. Drawing on extensive experience with Accenture worldwide, he presents a scientific perspective on mindfulness and leads participants through a mindfulness practice to cultivate focus and resilience.


Thanks very much for the introduction and thanks for the invitation. I have to say I am truly honored and, uh, very humbled to be standing here today on this Veteran's Day, on this day of service, and certainly on this day of historic times in this beautiful nation. , I think the future lies ahead for the nation and certainly for Accenture.

Federal Services is, With a different view than it was just a few days ago. And, uh, things will be changing for many of you. And hopefully what I will be providing you today are some basic tools on how you can better manage change, how you can better be focused in the midst of very, very busy times, and how you can have more balance in your work and your life and in your wellbeing in general.

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