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Meditate to Change the Default Mode


Joseph Everett




Someone wiser than me said that "taking on the practice of meditation is not so much adding something to your life, but rather removing things, obstacles to you awareness."This is definitely in line with the point of the video. Myself included, (it seems) most of us are constantly trying to find ways to keep ourselves operating at a faster, more productive, more focused pace. Like turning up the volume on the stereo when we want to hear more clearly, we try and will ourselves to focus "harder" as well as amp our brains' ability to focus by taking stimulants like coffee. The kind of improvement that meditation provides isn't so much like this- instead, it's like hearing more clearly by walking into a quieter room.


In the midst of being charged that by 20 masked men to arm with rifles and explosives, Sally Adi was able to calmly and smoothly shoot down all of her attackers one by one. Sally didn't entirely grasp what had happened from her perspective. The 20 minute skirmish lasted only a few moments, and when it was over, she asked, how many did I get?

Not realizing she had successfully taken down all 20 men. This was very impressive, considering Sally is not a sniper, but a journalist. And this was only the second time she had been in a situation like this. After all this took place in a battlefield simulator in a training facility for snipers. And Sally's first run on the simulator, she panicked, was overwhelmed by how many enemies there were and jammed her rifle several.

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