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The 9 Attitudes


Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn




Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, talks about the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness, how to use them in our Mindfulness practice and daily life.


The cultivation of mindfulness of moment-to-moment non-judgmental awareness is actually just about the hardest work in the world for human beings because we get so caught up in our condition states of mind.

And when we begin to cultivate awareness, it’s really important to bring a certain attitudinal approach to it so that we’re not trying to force anything to happen or sit in the kind of rigid posture worth paying some special state that will you know that we should have think that’s what it is. I’ll be enlightened or I'll just be permanently wise or I'll be this or I’ll be that the problem isn’t actually with the enlightenment through the permanently wise.

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