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The Art of Teaching Mindfulness


Dr. Jon Kabat Zin




Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn delves into the intricate nature of teaching mindfulness, highlighting the challenges and paradoxes inherent in this practice. He emphasizes the importance of presence, levity, and avoiding self-imposed barriers in the teaching process.


So, so many questions, uh, come to mind with a title like The Art of Teaching Mindfulness. You know, if you're a teacher, if they're teachers in the room, what's your role? What's the role to avoid when you're teaching? What do you pay attention to? Is that different from being a. Are there terrible errors to commit?

What about the role of levity or presence in being a teacher? For us, non-teachers, many of whom wanna introduce partners or kids or friends to the practice, how do we do that well or do that very badly? And John's been a teacher. Uh, he's also teach. many teachers and help them become teachers. And he's also had good teachers of his own.

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