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The Danger of Emotional Contagion


The Wharton School




Wharton’s Sigal Barsade speaks with Wharton Business Daily on Sirius XM about emotional contagion and the coronavirus epidemic.


This podcast is brought to you by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

How much is the conversation in the workplace about coronavirus? Has your company asked employees to work from home more often? How worried are you about your kids in school and them being. Impacted. These are all emotional moments on varying levels, and there's a concern about something called emotional contagion impacting how we are reading the conversations around Coronavirus.

Sigal Barad is a management professor here at the Wharton School. She's actually looking at the issue in research she's currently doing, and she joins us on the phone right now. Sigal great to talk to you again. Great to talk to you too. Okay, let's start with what exactly Emo emotional contagion. Sure. So emotional contagion is the phenomenon that we.

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