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The Default Mode and an End to Suffering


Dr. Gary Weber




Gary Weber has a Ph.D. in physical sciences and worked in national labs, industry, and academia in R&D and management. Simultaneously, after over 20,000 hrs of self-inquiry, Zen and yoga, he experienced the falling away of the “I” (ego) and the loss of self-referential thoughts, desires and fears. Since then, he has taught, authored three books, a blog and several articles, and made numerous videos, interviews, and presentations on nonduality, meditation and neuroscience at various conferences and universities world-wide.


Today we have one member of the audience who is overdue three days. So she gets up and runs out. It wasn't because of the talk.

This is what we're going to what I'm gonna start with originally today we're going to talk about the end of suffering. And my whole journey started trying to end my own suffering. I was in graduate school walking with my PhD walking into campus. And I had one of those epiphanies stepback Bowman's and I could look and see what was going on in this consciousness. And it wasn't pretty, it would just never ending I call blah, blah, about nothing worthwhile whatsoever.

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