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What is a Thought? How the Brain Creates New Ideas


Henning Beck




How does the human brain work and how is it different from computers? If you think this is too complex to explain in a few minutes, you will be surprised. In this energetic and insightful talk, neuro-scientist Dr. Henning Beck gives insights into thought processes and tells you how you can create new ideas.


What is an idea? What is the thought? And how do we think of these great and new ideas that are worth spreading? My name is Henning Beck, I am a brain researcher. And I want to show you what is going on in your own in your mind when you use information to give rise to new

thoughts. And this is important because information is all around us.

Many people think it all starts with data. Data, the resource of the 21st century data is everywhere. companies collect our data, we do data analysis and data correlation. But in fact, data itself is pretty simple. It's just a collection of letters and numbers, signs you can process

electronically, but have no meaning. And you can measure a data, but you cannot measure an idea. Because when are you really creative or innovative. When you have 1000 thoughts, only one, the wheel game changer. So maybe information is more important. And we have so many tools nowadays to acquire information.

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