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What Is Consciousness? What Is Its Purpose?


Bachir Boumaaza




Bachir Boumaaza discusses the enigma of consciousness and its underlying neural mechanisms. The documentary reveals how split-brain experiments show dual consciousness in each hemisphere, challenging the notion of a singular self. Neuroscience's inability to locate a core essence of our being suggests a decentralized network of neurons defining our identity.


In neuroscience and psychology, the concepts of love and fear are more than just emotions. They relate to how the deepest unconscious regions of our brain operate. How the reptilian brain only craves What it lacks and is unaware of what it takes for granted. And our what we believe we lack ends up defining what we love.

And by gaining insight into the realms of our unconscious mind and the reality that it emerges from, we are presented with a choice. The most important decision that we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe. While this quote from Albert Einstein sounds relatable, one can wonder why a man of his profound intelligence which specifically clean this is the most important decision we make. This documentary answers that question.

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