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Bullying and Corporate Psychopaths at Work

Clive Boddy | 14:33


I'm here to tell you a bit of a story about why I got interested in the link between corporate psychopaths and bullying. A long time ago in the land far away, I was running a business in the Far East. And as a part of that I was moved offices. And when I was moved offices, I was told I was getting a new boss. And various people came up to me and said, You have to be careful about this new guy, this new boss you're getting. He's very manipulative, it's very ruthless. He's very cunning, and is almost downright evil.

So I thought, this guy sounds like a bit of a monster bit of a devil. And when people say things like that, too, that's what you expect, you expect to meet the monster. What you actually meet is an utterly charming man in a welcome suit, who looks very attractive, is very sociable, very extroverted. And he doesn't look like a monster at all. It looks like your next best friend. And so you get confused. And you think these people must have been wrong. He's not a monster. He's a nice guy, I'm going to really enjoy working with this person.

Looking back years later, people would say to me, Well, how did you end up in the circumstances that you ended up with? And I could, I could never answer that until I read about corporate psychopaths, and that it will click together. So that's my personal reasons for getting involved in psychopathy, and corporate psychopaths. And as I started to read about bullying as a different parts of my academic job, I realized there's probably a large area of crossover between bullies and psychopaths in the workplace.

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