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INCLUSION over Diversity

Kenyona Matthews | 10:49


Thank you very much.

Hello? Hi. So I'm a diversity chainer and I have to be honest with you, I hate diversity. Diversity to me is kind of like a fruit platter. All of the parts are present, all are represented, but they're kept separate. They're not involved in any meaningful. It looks cute. It looks good, but it's superficial.

People wanna make sure they have one Asian, a few black folks, throw in a couple of women and sprinkle some other, and it's all good because that's diversity. The answer to racism. We don't have to do the real work. We don't have to make sure that those that we bring into the boardroom actually have a seat and a voice.

We just gotta make sure they're there. When we're thinking about diversity.

I knew when I was growing up that I didn't live in the most diverse kind of way. I grew up in a small town, well, not so small, but small. Greensboro, North Carolina. It was the birthplace of the sit-in movements. My hometown and my side of town was majority black. I went to a majority black high school, Dudley High.

And there I, I loved it because I was surrounded by black love and I was able to root myself in my heritage. But I kind of got the feeling from watching TV and movies that that wasn't real life, that not everybody I was gonna come in contact with was gonna look like. So I decided I needed to diversify my world and I sought out a Lilly White School.

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