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Hello, and welcome. 

Today we'll be talking about mindful meetings. Now, it probably isn't a big stretch to say that the effectiveness of an organization largely depends on the effectiveness of their meetings. 

Meetings is where we come together to be able to brainstorm, to come up with creative ideas to solve problems to make good decisions. But not only that, according to a recent study by McKinsey Consulting across industries, frontline managers can spend between 30 to 60% of their time in meetings, and top line managers 60 to 90%. 

So we can either look at increasing our meeting effectiveness to make better decisions and to have better results. Or we can just look at it as a much better way to use our time, so long as our meetings actually are effective. So today's session is really about how do we increase our ability to be effective in meetings to produce better results? To use our time more wisely? By introducing more mindfulness into our meetings?

Today, we'll be looking at how do we incorporate mindfulness into the three main phases have a meeting, before the meeting, during the meeting, and also closing the meeting and following up?

And to start off with, what we'd like to explore is for you, what is your experience of meetings in your workplace? In general, are meetings very efficient, very effective?

Do you enjoy most of the meetings that you go to do you feel like they're a good use of your time, are people paying attention to each other? Is everybody well prepared?

Most people that we talked to, would say that there is some opportunity for improvement in terms of the meetings in their work environment.

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