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The Logistics of How to Lead a Meditation Class

Sura Flow | 22:34


 Hello and welcome.

My name is Sarah. I'm a meditation coach and trainer, founder OFS Flow today. So excited to share with you how to lead a meditation class. Today's talk will include actual logistics of how to lead a meditation class. I think people get a little hung up on the ambiguity of all that needs to happen, and perhaps meditation has touched you in a really powerful way, transformed or changed your life, so you feel.

Called to share this amazing practice with other people. And I think teaching meditation is such an honorable, um, experience. It's really a privilege and it is so joyful. It's transformative every time you lead a class. You are transformed also a little bit as a facilitator, a teacher, a leader, and this way of coming together to collectively.

Be in peace and to raise energy is exactly what we need right now. People are longing for connection. They need these tools to de-stress and to find greater levels of peace. And it's wonderful that you are being called into doing this kind of work with other people. The first thing to set a class is to find a good time and.

That feels good to you. So this is a logistical thing, and actually this very simple logistical thing gets people hung up on teaching sometimes because they don't know, you know, where can I teach a class? You know, what time is the best time? You know? The best time is a time that works for you. So a time that you can commit to.

Each week or twice a month, that's what matters most is that it fits into your schedule. You have spaciousness around that time. It's not a time where you'll feel stressed and you're rushing around, so find a good time for you. And just commit to that time. In terms of finding a space, again, you wanna find a space that feels good for you to share meditation.

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