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Pause and Replenish

Beth Kurland Ph.D. | 7:54

Mental fitness is a state of psycho-social wellbeing, wherein we have a positive sense of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors - achievable through neural training that results in mental agility, adaptability, grit and resilience. A state of mental fitness is characterized by calm, clarity and conscious presence - a high level of self and situational awareness  - a positive mindset - sharp cognitive performance - a strong sense of empathy, compassion and connection to others.

Mental fitness requires the same set of metabolic requirements as physical fitness. A healthy diet, adequate sleep and physical activity are as important for mental and emotional wellbeing, as they are for physical stamina and strength. 

Negativity, stress, anxiety, worry and depression burn through our metabolic stores in the same way that digging ditches does. But once we’re started, it’s hard to stop digging those “mental” ditches.


Our minds are chattering - attaching to a thought, that lead compulsively to the next, and the next and the next. Noticing this and standing back just for a few moments, helps us put some energy back in the tanks.

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