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Mindfulness in a Global Organization

Peter Bostelman | 14:48


Hello, and welcome everybody from my side, it's very exciting to be here and to share the story. What has happened in the last three years, which I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams.

So, okay. I will share lessons learned of one way how to bring this to a global company, and how to bring a mindfulness practice in a global organization, I share the step by step I extract. And this time I have a few important lessons I, or we believe in our team were very important.

I talked a bit about measured benefits and the lessons learned. So, three years back, it was in the middle at the end of 2012, I found myself or I'm an industrial engineer from Germany. Now 717 years with SAP. And about 10 years ago, I found mindfulness found its way in my life.

And for the first years, it was a very private thing, but I realized how much it helped me and my role as a program manager running large scale software implementations, I would help me to settle myself to be more calm to how it shifted the way how I perceived relationships.

And on and on, and I came to the conclusion, step by step, I would like to find a way to bring this to SAP. And as Jim said, earlier, SAP is a global software company, the world's leading supplier of business software was 290,000 customers, we have about 75,000 employees and 130 locations. It's truly a global company. And one of the numbers so about a little more than 75%, of global GDP has been touching an SCP system somewhere along its value chain.

So it's a truly influential company. And it's an engineering based German company. So that's three years later. And it was actually not just me, but a few others. When I started this journey, I knew two more people, or three more people who also had a meditation practice over there in Germany. That's three years later, we are like this.

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