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Dr. Daniel Farrant | 5:08


This is a counting breath practice. Here we will be paying more attention to paying attention to concentrating. Make sure you're somewhere where you can focus on this for the next five minutes.

Sit upright. With a firm base your feet firmly on the ground.Our attention is going to be focused on our breathing. And while we will be focusing on paying attention, remember we also bring in the attitude of not striving. So when our mind wanders, that's okay. We are practicing here.

So focus on your breathing and on each out breath count 123 We are practicing focusing our attention on our breathing your mind will wander and each time it does simply start again at one if you get to 10 That's great to start at one again, if your mind wanders at any point, start at one again. The purpose of this practice is to focus on counting to notice when our mind wanders to notice where it's gone and to simply start again. So continue to breathe and count and notice where your mind goes.

Simply breathing and counting on the outbreath If your mind wanders, start at one again if you get to 10 Start at one again. As you do this, remember the goal is not to get to 10 the goal is to pay attention to our breathing and to notice when our mind goes to something else and then to bring it back to breathing again to breathing and counting.

Wherever our mind goes is okay however many times our mind goes as okay just notice where we come back to breathing into counting. Well done for doing this counting breath practice.

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