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Assessing Threat Like a Navy Seal


Mark Divine




It's an unfortunate fact of life that danger can blindside you when you least expect it. This video will give you a trainable model, with tools for assessing and reacting to dangerous situations.


The sheep dog training essentially to use something we use in the seals called the Cooper Color System. The color of white, which is basically ignorance about what's going on around you. And most sheep are in this white, if not all sheep are in white, in that they're just mining their own business.

They really are unaware of what's going on. And then when a crisis happens, they're caught short and they're stuck and they're reliant upon,  you know, a first responder or someone to help them out, another sheep dog to help them out. So we don't want to be in when we begin to train ourselves, we take responsibility to step up into our sheep dog, um, archetype, our sheep dog energy put on the sheep dog clothing.

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