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Developing and Embracing a Growth Mindset






Sample topic from Skillsoft’s video-based course “Developing a Growth Mindset. People with a growth mind-set achieve ever-higher levels of performance, and help their organization thrive. In this course you'll learn what constitutes a growth mindset and how develop and embrace it.


The phrase growth mindset has become almost ubiquitous. First coined by researcher and professor of psychology at Stanford University, Carol Dweck. It has been adopted by everyone from school administrators. To business executives, to professional athletes, NBA champion, and basketball superstar. LeBron James has been quoted by the New York Post as saying it's always about a growth mindset.

It's the fact that you know that you can do better. Even at our age, even with our accolades, even with what we've done in our careers, we still feel like we can improve. According to Dweck herself, it is the belief that skills and intelligence can be grown and developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others.

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