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Good Teamwork and Bad Teamwork


Tyler Waye




Good Teamwork and Bad Teamwork, what's the difference? These three lessons from legendary teams, offer that answer.


In 1986, Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple and bought a small company for five million dollars. That company was Pixar, and he stayed Pixar's CEO until 2006. During that time, Steve Jobs taught us valuable lessons about the difference between good teamwork and bad teamwork. You see, in 2000, Pixar was moving offices, and they had plans to build three separate offices: one for computer scientists, one for animators, and one for Pixar executives. When Jobs learned about the plans, he scrapped it immediately.

Why? Because he knew the entire Pixar team needed to be together, to have one big space and a meeting place right in the middle. He knew that great teamwork requires connection. Every team's got to figure this out at some point. This is how teamwork goes: everything goes great until it doesn't, and then what? When things get hard —you're losing the championship game, the business stops making money, your marriage is strained— that's the true test. Every team reaches that moment and they never expect to.

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