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How to Be an Emotional Jedi


Marc Lesser




Learn how the inner work of mindfulness and self-awareness meets the outer work of leadership and business as forces for positive change.


Good morning.

Our afternoon. It was more than 2,500 years ago that a human being who came to be known as the historical Buddha said, there's only one way to reduce one. Fear, sense of dissatisfaction and the illusion of separateness. And he said the only way to do this is to know that you are breathing.

And this, uh, this I think is the starting point of what I wanna talk about in this talk of how to be an emotional Jedi. Right. How to be an emotional Jedi starts with knowing that you are breathing, let's try it in this room. And it's challenging in a room with, uh, a lot of movement and  coming and going.

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