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Mindful Organizational Learning


Dr. Peter Senge




Meet M.I.T. professor and one of the world’s most respected leadership experts whose personal path includes daily Buddhist meditation. Quoting China’s Confucius, he summarizes: ‘To become a leader, you first have to become a human being’.


So it's a journey of maturation. It's not just spending time on the planet. There is an actual process of development and maturing. Yes. That makes you a human being. Yes. And which also explains why for millennia there have been all kinds of different method. And practices that support people to go through that process of ion something that in western culture is often ignored in terms of the personal and interpersonal development.

You have to pick it up on the go. So, so you say for example, uh, that, you know, everybody needs a contemplative practice and there are many different ones, but maybe you can say again more Sure. What do you mean by contemplative practice? What is this contemplative practice actually doing for leaders in the world that do work in, in western traditions?

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