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Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn




Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, talks about the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness, how to use them in our Mindfulness practice and daily life.


In the cultivation of meditative awareness or mindful awareness, we take the unusual position for Westerners to actually not try to get anywhere else. This is what we call non striving, or even non doing, to actually allow things to be held in awareness without having to operate on them without having to make anything happen.

Or try to experience some special state of either relaxation or well being or anything, but to simply be with the unfolding of life from moment to moment, without any agenda whatsoever. It turns out, this is tremendously healing, tremendously restorative for us too, because we have so many agendas. And we're always on the way to some better moment in the future or trying to escape from something in the past, but to actually be in a place where we are practicing non striving and non doing, where we just let things be as they are is, as I said, tremendously nurturing and healing.

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