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Search Inside Yourself


Chade-meng Tan




Chade Meng Tan shows how to grow inner joy while succeeding at your work.


Hello, everybody. Welcome. My name is Chip Conley. And I'm not Bill Clinton. And I'm not the Dalai Lama. And I was third choice of mags to actually introduce them today. But I am incredibly honored to be here as a friend of Mang, and a, just a huge fan of him and his work. In preparation for being here today, I decided to Google Meng and Search Inside Yourself. And the first thing that came up was Meng stupid itis, which I didn't know that you had this website Mang. But he has a website called Manx stupid itis. And there's actually a little point in that website where he says there's a picture of him. And it just says, I'm just a random generic guy. And there's a picture of him and Barack Obama.

So I don't I actually think although it doesn't say it on his on his website, I think the symptom of Meng stupid, itis is excessive need for getting your photo taken with famous people. I don't know about you. But that's, I think that's one of my more endearing qualities. I think he should have named the book How to be a jolly good fellow. But what I love about Meng more than anything, is his combination of humility and humor. And in looking at that website, the Meng stupid at his website, there was a wonderful little poem that he wrote last month, called the not difficult path. And I'm gonna read it to you very quickly. It's very short. And then we'll have him up here. Mang says with calm mind, I see my true nature. With jolliness I open Dharma doors. With open heart. I welcome my Buddha. And with non doing, I enlightened the world Mang come please enlighten us, thank you. Thank you.

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