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Box Breathing and Meditation Technique

Mark Divine | 16:08


 Welcome to Technique Wad. I'm Mike Bletso here staying with Mark Divine. Today we're gonna be checking out, uh, some box breathing, some tactical breathing. He's basically gonna teach us how breathing can make us better people and better athletes. Um, make sure to check out episode 1 66, A Barbell Shrug. Uh, there we discuss.

All this stuff in a lot of detail, so make sure that as you're watching this to stop driving. If you happen to be driving, you should be watching this while you're driving, but I know some of you do, uh, sit down in a nice quiet room and do this along with us.

So you probably noticed how important breathing. To training in your life. And we're gonna spend a little time training. You know what my philosophy is? That those things that are most important and critical in a life, we should train them. And I feel the same way about breathing. Um, when you take control of your breath, you re, you know, relearn how to breathe deeply using the full lung capacity.

Learn how to breathe through your nose, um, learn how to breathe in a controlled pattern. All sorts of cool things start happening. We, we can perform better, we can think more clearly. We can make better decisions while under duress. Uh, we're better basically, um, leaders because we're able to be in more control of our body and our mind, our physiology, and our psychology.

So, uh, but it doesn't happen by random, just like, you know, uh, throwing up a snatch. PR isn't random. You've gotta work toward it. Same thing with breathing. So one of, there's two drills I'm gonna teach here. One is called the tactical breath. This is the breath that Navy Seals use to stay calm and centered in a fire fight.

It's very, very simple. Uh, while, um, while we do this, I want you to put your right hand on your belly. So what we wanna do essentially is begin by, um, activating the breath, by pulling our belly out or pushing our belly out, and let that pull the breath in through our nostrils, deep into our belly, and then just press it back in.

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