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How Teams Can Meaningfully Connect Remotely

Simon Sinek | 16:16


Hi, I am Steven from the team at Simon Sinek. Our team has been remote, uh, for as long as we've existed, which has been over 10 years now. And more and more, uh, individuals and teams and even organizations now, um, are operating in a remote fashion. Many of us, uh, are being forced to, uh, and, uh, many of us are choosing to because working as a remote team offers some.

Uh, flexibilities and opportunities. We have a ritual on our team, um, called huddle because working remote can be challenging. It's hard to stay on the same page, it's hard to stay connected. It's hard to build trust when, uh, we don't have that water cooler. We don't have a shared, uh, office space. And so one of the ways that we keep our team connected and tight is we host a call, a weekly call called.

We do our huddle on Monday mornings. It's an opportunity for us all to get on. We use, uh, a video conferencing call, a Zoom call. Everyone has their video on. We, uh, ground together. We connect together, and the call is built and devoted completely to building relationship with one another. When a lot of teams huddle, I think they talk about business, but this.

Team huddle is about each other. Um, we get on the same page. We share what's on our heart and minds. We share what's great. We share what sucks. We give each other high fives and we answer a question of the week, and we share a story of why we do what we do. It's 75 minutes every week. It's simply devoted to building relationship with each other because relationship truly is the foundation of what we can accomplish as a.

And so in these times when more and more people are working remote, we thought we would give you a taste of what our huddle looks like. We, uh, as a team came together for a short, abridged version of our huddle. Instead of 75 minutes, we gave you a taste of what it actually looks like. Uh, and we did it in about 15 minutes.

So we hope by you watching this huddle, you get a sense of how we connect and perhaps, uh, you can adopt this in your own unique way for your. We hope it helps. And here's our huddle. Good morning everyone. It is Wednesday, March 18th. It's lovely to be with you all and I'm going to pass it to Mr. Shedloski who will do our grounding exercise.

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