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Neuroscience to Achieve Flow

Saleha Williams | 52:25


 So I'm actually delighted this is happening this week, uh, and not last week. So I'm gonna tell you a little story before I introduce our wonderful guest here. Uh, last week. As we talk about International Women's Day, want us to reflect on those brilliant women that we have in our lives, whether they be partners.

Colleagues, bosses, anyone that we have in our lives who are wonderful. And, uh, I'm gonna tell you about my wife, who is wonderful. So a little bit of audience participation. Let's have a bit of panto if you don't mind. So if you're at a pantomime, you'll do a nice wee or a boo, or maybe an ah. Uh, but my wife, she left me last week.

Thank you. Well done. You're well trained. It was only for 1.5. Yay. Excellent. And it was only temporary. Um, so I'm told excellent . Um, but it was, it was an interesting reflection because, uh, I'm very privileged. She's got a job, she's got a business. Uh, we've got a very strange setup at home. Um, not in that way.

It's lot, lots of animals. We've got alpacas, pigs, goats, uh, too many cats to counts when they're in double figures. You don't tell people. They think you are. Yeah. Um, and some dogs too. But, so I had to do everything, uh, that day. And, uh, I was, I became a terrible husband. I became a terrible father. I became terrible at work.

And, uh, it was a moment for me to reflect on a woman who was in my life. Uh, as a partnership, we are quite good together as individuals, we are terrible. So that's my little story and I wanted it just to reflect on the women in our lives before we introduce our great guests. So a random applause for the women in our lives.

Um, and now I'm gonna introduce Celia, who's, uh, got an amazing background. When I think about how I introduce her, it makes me sound like some kind of wwf, , uh, introduction expert. Uh, but Ft. Main leader of the. Uh, top one hundreds. Top one hundreds. Sorry, I've already promoted you. And, and with a couple, with a couple in here I knows as well.

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