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Mindfulness at Amazon

Charles Morris | 52:46

Mindfulness at Amazon

Mindfulness at Amazon

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Let us know where you're chiming in from, what company you're at. If you've been in this series with us before, as you know, we've done two conversations now with with Andy Lee himself about the program at Aetna. And last time we were with Charles Morris at Microsoft. Any of you joining for a second time? Let us know that some first timers to Seattle, Washington, all right. A huge influx of Amazon employees. Someone must have posted. I wonder who that was?


Yeah, that's great. That's good. I think we probably had about 80 or so people register yesterday from Amazon. That's very, that's very good. That's great. Those your students, Bridgette.


Yeah, I don't have any idea. Colleagues. Excellent, excellent. Okay, well, we got, I'm sure many more people spilling in but in the interest of time, and the value we're here to provide you with today. We'll go ahead and dive right in. And for those of you can catch up on the recording if you miss any of the intro, so nice to meet you. My name is Cole Harbour, I'm the Associate Director at the Institute for organizational mindfulness. And as you know, you're joining us today for our IOM case study series. And today we'll be talking about the mindfulness program started at Amazon with Bridget here. Um, in case you're not familiar with us, this might be your first time.

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