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Mindfulness at Intel

Mindfulness at Intel

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Mindfulness at Intel

Lindsay Benjamin | 1:00:19


Content and expertise in that area just not connection with Nike and Nike, you know, like there's, there's a personality fit of your content.


Gotcha. Gotcha. We, we do need to get started here. So I'm gonna go ahead and flag us on is live. So we'll just kind of take a couple of minutes let people roll in, but good to go. It's one of one of you prepared to share a brief practice. If not, I don't know. wrap that up. Just like a two minute on in the notes. Yeah. No, but Dr. mindfully, something okay. Yeah. Great. Then I'll ask you to cue to do that. Right.


Okay, great. Hi. Welcome, everybody. This is Cole Harbour executive officer at the Institute for organizational science and mindfulness. Yes, we are. Now the Institute for organizational science in mindfulness, not just organizational mindfulness, this is sort of a shift we're making this year. As a rebrand for IOM, it's great to have back our followers of this series, the case study series. Happy 2022. This is our first webcast of the year with Intel. And just want to make a quick introduction here, we actually have two guests, which was, which is kind of different for me and different for the series. So first is Lindsey Benjamin, I think she's on the top tile next to me, I'm not sure how you see this, but she's the founder of the awakened Intel program. And then we have EA Him and who is a senior instructor and the admin for the awakened Intel program.

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