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Mindfulness at L'Oreal

Mindfulness at L'Oreal

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Mindfulness at L'Oreal

Jade Sonkin | 1:00:44


Welcome to mindfulness at L'Oreal and IOM case study. We are waiting for people to kind of roll in as we do at the beginning of all these sessions. But go ahead and let us know where you're calling in from today. We'd love to learn a little bit about you since mostly, it's just going to be us up here talking, but we'd love to learn a bit about you as much as we can. And we really appreciate your interest and learning more about mindfulness overall, and especially the program built at L'Oreal. And we have our guests here, Jade, who's going to talk with Andy about that. And of course, Andy Lee are our great emcee of this series. I like you guys have your own kind of emotes.


I turned, I turned myself you off. And that makes it easier to do silly things.


It's good. That's very mindful of you like, self view. Like, Well, you never really think about it. But how often? Are you in an actual meeting where you see an image of yourself on the other side of the table? Next to everybody else? It's a little weird.

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