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About the IOSM Organizational Mindfulness Program

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The New Program for 2024

We’re heading into our second full year of IOSM’s paradigm-shifting Organizational Mindfulness Program with new science and certification options for 2024. 

In this article, we’ll briefly describe the updated program and provide our most current schedule of public cohorts.  

What is Organizational Mindfulness?

Organizational Mindfulness is an entirely new category of mindfulness-based intervention (MBI). Just as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was created as a therapeutic intervention for pain and stress management - and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as a course for therapists treating patients with mental distress - Organizational Mindfulness was created from the ground up to train mental and emotional skills for personal and organizational performance. 

Organizational Mindfulness teaches neural practices that produce predictable outcomes in health and well-being, cognitive performance, and emotional intelligence - and that can be intentionally applied to increase work performance.

A Map to Higher Performance

Mindfulness is often perceived (and taught) as a magical breath meditation for stress - or conflated to denote any kind of introspective, calm, or relaxing state. But through a scientific lens, mindfulness is not a single meditative exercise or outcome. It is a toolset of unique neural practices that can be applied to develop specific mental and emotional skills.

Organizational Mindfulness starts with an understanding of the mechanics of each unique practice, the science-validated outcomes of that practice - and strategies for applying those outcomes to improve specific individual and organizational capabilities. 

Mental Traits are Trainable Skills

Effective leaders inspire confidence and loyalty through traits like authenticity, presence, integrity, and compassion. The best sales professionals are able to quickly earn trust, establish rapport, and use intuition and influence to move a deal forward. The best software engineers are able to diminish distraction, engage very deeply, and work in a state of creative flow.

We now know that these important traits (and many more) are actually trainable skills - and that they can be internalized and embodied through intentional neural exercises. 

The Organizational Mindfulness Program is an exploration of this new paradigm, with practical solutions for managing stress, gaining attention control, navigating change and uncertainty, and resolving otherwise intractable personal and organizational challenges.

The Organizational Mindfulness Program

IOSM’s public training program consists of three independent but interlocking courses. Participants start by earning the OM Certificate and can optionally choose to move on to the Facilitator and Teacher Certifications from there.

Courses are designed to be attended end-to-end to provide a comprehensive teaching credential in just 16 weeks. However, students can pause at any point and come back to complete their certifications by joining any future cohort.

  • The OM Certificate is an 8-week course for all individuals and teams, with no prerequisites. It is an important course for leaders and managers who may be dealing with their own stress, anxiety, and burnout and are responsible for helping others with mental and emotional skills in the workplace.

  • The OM Facilitator Certification is an optional 4-week extension for graduates of the OM Certificate course that teaches hands-on facilitation skills for organizing programs, sharing knowledge, and leading practices in the workplace.

  • The OM Teacher Certification is an additional 4-week extension for graduates of the Certificate and Facilitator courses, that certifies participants to independently teach the branded Organizational Mindfulness curriculum.  

Certified Teachers are encouraged to share IOSM knowledge and selected materials through their own programs or in their own organizations - or they can become IOSM Teaching Partners, who are licensed to deliver the entire Organizational Mindfulness branded curriculum and all related resources.

Course Outlines

The OM Certificate course teaches the all-science practices that develop mental and emotional skills - and their applications to improve performance and solve real-world business problems.

  • Pre-course Orientation

  • Pre-course Assessment

  • Week 1: The Science of Mindfulness

  • Week 2: The Essential Attitudes and Exercises

  • Week 3: Resolving Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

  • Week 4: Increasing Focus and Attention Control

  • Week 5: Navigating Change and Uncertainty

  • Week 6: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

  • Week 7: Improving Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Week 8: Building Mental Strength, Grit and Resilience

  • Post-course Assessment

  • Final Exam

The OM Facilitator course certifies the hands-on facilitation skills for introducing the value of mindfulness, sharing the context, guiding the practices, and creating effective programs for clients, teams, or an entire organization.

  • Week 1: Facilitator Programming

  • Week 2: The Business Case

  • Week 3: Guiding Practice

  • Week 4: Case Studies

  • Final Exam

The OM Teacher course certifies the knowledge and skills to instruct students in the principles and practices of mindfulness and independently teach the IOSM-branded Organizational Mindfulness curriculum.

  • Week 1: Teacher Programming

  • Week 2: Guiding Inquiry

  • Week 3: Measuring Mindfulness

  • Week 4:  Individual Practice

  • Final Exam

  • Video Practicum

2024 Public Training Schedules

Time Guidelines

Weekly live classes for all courses are 90 minutes. We recommend budgeting an additional 30-60 minutes a week for self-study and 10 minutes a day or more for practice.

Course Options and Pricing

  • OM Certificate: $595

  • OM Certificate PLUS Facilitator Certification: $1,495 (total price)

  • OM Certificate PLUS Facilitator PLUS Teacher Certification: $2,495 (total price)

Register on Eventbrite

We're pleased to offer a 6-month payment plan at our Facilitator and Teacher levels. Please contact us here to set that up for you

Course Materials and Resources 

The Organizational Mindfulness Certificate includes an array of learning assets and supporting resources.  

These Include: 

  • Pre-course self-study

  • Pre-and-post-course assessments

  • 8 weekly live, instructor-led classes

  • 8 weekly self-study lessons

  • 8 weekly progress exam-lets

  • 8 weeks of optional live coaching

  • 8 weeks of daily emailed practices

  • A comprehensive final exam

Learning Tools:

  • Year-long access to the OM learning portal

  • IOSM full membership benefits

  • Insight Timer mobile app and premium upgrade

  • Private student-alumni forums and networking

  • Unlimited email, text, chat, and phone support

Graduates Earn:

  • Organizational Mindfulness Diploma-Certificate

  • Organizational Mindfulness Digital Badge

  • SHRM, HRCI, and ICF credits

Facilitator and Teacher Resources

Once certified, Facilitators, Teachers, and Partners have tiered access to IOSM premium assets and learning aids. These include all of the course resources above, PLUS: 

  • Teacher's resource portal

  • Teacher Field Guide and research-stats library

  • Teacher Practice Guide and audio-scripts library

  • Curated research, videos, and articles library

  • License to IOSM intellectual property

  • An active community of peers

  • Co-marketing opportunities

  • Partnership opportunities

Enterprise and Train-the-Trainer Options

The 8-week Organizational Mindfulness Certificate, as well as the Facilitator and Teacher Certification courses, can be scheduled as dedicated enterprise training, online or onsite.

The program can also be delivered as a comprehensive train-the-trainer program - optionally bundled with class materials and resources to create all-science, turn-key, in-house mindfulness training for your employees. 

Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness (IOSM)

IOSM is an association of human capital and operating leaders, coaches, and educators with a shared mission to bring all-science mindfulness into the mainstream of the diverse modern organization.

We're working to create a global community, conduct research, define standards and practices, develop educational programs, and determine the measures, metrics, and analytics for organizational mindfulness.

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